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TIFLIX is free of charge for anyone interested in learning and keeping up to date with issues concerning Thalassaemia, Sickle Cell Disease and rare anaemias such as PKD. There are no hidden costs or restrictions to content after joining.  TIFLIX is an advertisement free platform.

All content on TIFLIX can be watched on a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

We will be adding videos on a regular basis.  Our intention is to add new video(s) on a weekly basis. Check out the Recent Releases to see the latest videos.

How Tos

After signing in, you can view and edit your profile from the top-right corner of the site.

TIFLIX is using Gravatar for profile pictures. Gravatar is a free service allowing you to create, upload and manage your avatar from a single place, and use it on multiple platforms.

If you don’t have a Gravatar account, simply create one with the email you used to sign up to TIFLIX, and upload your picture there. The picture will automatically be synced with your TIFLIX profile the next time you login.

Already have a Gravatar account? Great! Use the email you used for your Gravatar account to sign up to TIFLIX. You can also change your email address at any time by editing your profile.

You can use the Plus (+) icon right below the video title to save a video to your Watchlist. The icon will change to a check mark (), indicating the video is now in your Watchlist. Click on the check mark again to remove the video from your Watchlist.

You can access your watchlist from the top navigation menu. You need to be logged in to access your Watchlist.

TIFLIX is a carefully curated library of videos from world-renowned experts around the topic of Thalassaemia, Sickle Cell Disease and other rare anaemias. If you think your video(s) are a good fit for this platform, please send us an email at thalassaemia@cytanet.com.cy. Don’t forget to include your full name, links to your videos (streaming platform links only) and any other information that can help us decide if your videos are a good fit.

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